Top 10 Beautiful Ankara Styles And Lace Designs

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Debonke house of fashion have this weekend gathered some stunning Lace and Ankara designs that would make you run to your fashion designer just to make your attire look more creative, from flare to ruffles, all in one tremendous piece that would motivate your aso ebi attire for the weekend wedding ceremony.

Style 1
This styles is actually made of pink Ankara hue material which is sewn into an asymmetric mono strap gown..


Style 2
This lovely Ankara fabric is sewn into an off shoulder long gown and is mixed with a plain black fabric to make it look more beautiful..


Style 3
Mermaid lace gown with stud

11333623_850853708322103_1377122190_nStyle 4
This beautiful lace fabric is mixed with a dual plain lace which is sewn into a lovely lengthy side slit gown. The plain lace is used for the pleated ruffles around the neck. This pretty outfit can be paired with a green gele.


Style 5
This lace fabric is sewn into a lengthy mermaid like gown.


Style 6
This lovely lace fabric is sewn into an off shoulder sweetheart neck yoke..


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