Top Ten Fabulous Ways To Tie A Head-wrap Styles

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Hello beautiful ladies,

Head-wraps styles have gradually started to take over the space in our closets once occupied by wide brim hats. It’s hard not to gravitate towards these accessories, especially in the summer when they help to keep our hair and scalp stylishly protected from the sun.

Check out the Photos below for ten fabulous and fool-proof ways to tie a head-wrap styles

Look #1


Look #26aba67a6a1f50b0e0c7145ce1b733efa

Look #3aunt-jemima-headwrap-technique

Look #4dc2d39739498b9b4246a88fb931681a9

Look #5head-scarf-12

Look #6headwrap

Look #7headwrap3

Look #8rolled-uptop-headwrap-tutorial

Look #9the-afrofusion-spot-head-wrap-turbans-11

Look #10tumblr_n4529uqahb1ts583mo1_500

Have you try any of this headwrap styles, which one do you like most…share, comment via the box below

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