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How to hide and protect your wifi Password with QR code.


Are you the generous and kind type that shares data with friends via wifi, and by so doing, they can easily see it without you telling them the password. But with these App, it will help you if you can generate wifi QR code; your password will be secured.
Once you generate the Wifi QR code and protect access on your android device, the receiver will need to scan the wifi QR code for him or her to be connected automatically.


  • Firstly Generate QR code here or Click here to download from play store.
  • Now input your Wifi SSID correctly (Wifi name or network name), and Wifi Password.
  • Then select the security type you are using for the wifi ( web, wap/wap2 or no encryption).
  • And lastly, choose any caption you want to use for the QR code and just click on “Generate Wifi QR code“.
  • After successfully generate the code. download it with the provided link.


The person you re sharing the QR code with needs to download a barcode scanner to scan the QR code click here to download. Once it has done, the Wifi access would be connected automatically.
That’s all, as you can now share the QR code with anybody you wish to share wifi too and you can rest assured no one can see your password.


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