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Top #10 Lovely Aso Ebi Styles For Ladies


When it comes to Ankara styles and lace designs, Dabonke fashion corner knows what matters so we’ve picked out the top #10 Aso ebi best of the best aso ebi styles for the week for you to view. Below are the top 10 aso ebi styles that you would love to add to your wardrobes.

Look #1

This beautiful lace fabric is sewn into a low cut back peplum blouse decorated with red lace designs  and  is paired with a long inverted pleat skirt.to make it more lovely, you can finish it off with silver accessories, red and white aso oke head gear and silver clutch.

lace+ankara style

Look #2

This lovely ankara fabric is blend with a lace material to make the style appear more beautiful and creative, the lace material or fabric is blend into a sleeveless turtle neck top while the Ankara fabric is sewn into a long shirt. this another style you will love to add to your wardrobes.


Look #3
This lovely Ankara fabric is mixed with a black taffeta which is sewn into a long flattering flare cape body dress where the Ankara fabric is used as the cape.


Look #4
This Black Lace fabric is sewn into a creative low cut neck thin strap slit gown decorated with red flowers, paired with a red scarf, pink purse and gold accessories.


Look #5
This purple lace fabric is design into  a sweet heart off shoulder midi length slit dress paired with silver ankle bracelet and black Shoes.


Look #6

This beautiful french lace fabric is mixed with yellow taffeta which is sewn into Short sleeve top and the taffeta sewn or use as belt with a long skirt. the outfit is paired a blue gear(gele) and a blue clutch bag.


Look #7

This lovely lace fabric is sewn into Floor length gown. the outfit is paired with sky blue gele and sky blue clutch bag.


Look #8

This creative Ankara print fabric is sewn into a simple Ankara gown with skirt is design like a fish tail.


Look #9

This lace fabric is sewn into an off shoulder blouse with a detailed chiffon train in front worn atop a yoke skirt is paired with a wine gele and a gold necklace.


Look #10

This yellow lace fabric is sewn into long gown mermaid like style and paired with a red clutch bag and red necklace


This are beautiful styles which am sure you will to add to your wardrobe, contact your tailor for some of this design



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