FAQ: How To Sell Disney Vacation Club?

Is it easy to sell DVC?

If our experience with buying is any indication, the DVC resale process is completely painless and easy. Selling your DVC membership might not be the most “magical” thing, but at least it’s simple and not difficult!

Does Disney buy back DVC contracts?

Per DVC News: Interested members must contact DVC to receive a buy-back price on their specific contract. Offers are generally in the range of $80-100 per point, depending on the resort, size of the contract and status of points.

Can you share a DVC membership?

Yes, you can certainly have more than one person listed as owners on a DVC contract, just like you can on any real estate purchase. You can’t actually split up the points 1/3 to one person etc.

Can DVC resale used RCI?

Your Disney Vacation Club points purchased on resale can be used for accommodations at all DVC resorts, as well as for RCI exchanges, Club Cordial and Club Intrawest (World Passport).

Can I sell my Disney Vacation Points?

Park Savers offers DVC members the opportunity to sell DVC points TODAY. Most DVC websites out there require you to get on a waiting list to sell your points because they want to complete a reservation with your points for someone else before they pay you. This can take weeks to months!

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Are DVC points worth it?

Using points for cruises or regular hotel rooms just doesn’t give you as much “bang for your buck.” For that reason, DVC membership generally is not worth considering unless you plan to stay at a DVC resort at least every other year.

What is DVC right of first refusal?

Right of First Refusal is a legalese term that effectively gives Disney Vacation Development the right to repurchase a Disney Vacation Club ownership that is for sale on the resale market. All DVC contracts resold on the resale market must go through this process.

How much is DVC a month?

The Disney Vacation Club does provide financing at $365 per month for a 10-year loan with a 10% down payment. When guests use their points to reserve accommodations, the costs can vary depending on the time of the year, the resort chosen, and the size of the unit.

How many Disney points equal a dollar?

Each Disney Rewards Dollar equals $1 when redeeming toward Disney products and offerings at most Disney locations3 (or airline travel, for Premier Cardmembers only).

What is the minimum amount of DVC points you can buy?

If buying through Disney directly, in order to become a Disney Vacation Club Member, you must purchase a minimum of 100 points. If purchasing through a reseller, there is no minimum purchase. Once the initial purchase is complete, you may “add on” points at either your home resort or at any other DVC resort.

What is a DVC associate member?

A DVC Associate member can make or change reservations and bank reservation points, however, associate members do not receive a membership card, nor are they entilted to the same benefits of a member owner. The discounts on shipping and food are only available with a DVC membership card.

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