FAQ: Where To Go For Winter Vacation In California?

What is there to do in California in the winter?

As a California native and enthusiast, these are some of the best things to see and places to visit during the winter in California:

  1. Death Valley.
  2. Ski in the Sierras.
  3. Hot Creek.
  4. Yosemite.
  5. Horsetail Fall.
  6. Alabama Hills.
  7. Slab City.
  8. Joshua Tree National Park.

What is the warmest place in California in the winter?

East Los Angeles, the Gateway Cities, and parts of the San Gabriel Valley average the warmest winter high temps (72 °F, 22 °C) in all of the western U.S., and Santa Monica averages the warmest winter lows (52 °F, 11 °C) in all of the western U.S. Palm Springs, a city in the Coachella Valley, averages high/low/mean

What is the warmest place in California in January?

Palm Springs boasts some of the best temps in the state in January, at an average of 71 degrees and overnight lows of 45 degrees with just two days of rain monthly.

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Where is the warmest place in California in December?

Palm Springs in December. If you’re wondering where the warmest place in California is in December, look no further than Palm Springs! Southern California in winter makes for the perfect time to explore the desert since daytime temperatures are pleasant.

What is the coldest month of the year in California?

Your answer: December is the coldest month in California, closely followed by January and February. Taking averages across the state, December, January and February are the coldest months in California.

What’s the coldest city in California?

Using existing weather data, Bodie is officially the coldest spot in California, but colder temperatures do occur on the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada and White mountains.

What beach has the warmest water in California?

The Balboa Peninsula provides shelter from the open Pacific to make Newport Beach waters the warmest in California year round.

Is 70 a good beach weather?

Between 70 and 75 is the best temperature for comfortable swimming. Anything below that just feels cold and anything approaching 80 or above feels like bath water and is also unpleasant (for the ocean).

Where is the hottest city in California?

Furnace Creek has earned its name. The small town that sits just over the California border from Las Vegas, a little beyond Death Valley junction, lies at almost 200 feet below sea level, houses about 100 residents and is the hottest place on the planet.

Can you swim in the ocean in California in January?

With the proper equipment and training, you can swim San Diego ocean waters 99% of the time. Some people enjoy the challenge of ocean swimming in the cold water in the winter. You want to avoid the ocean after a hard rain.

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Where should I go on vacation in January?

Best Places to Visit in January

  • British Virgin Islands.
  • Tulum.
  • Jasper National Park.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Miami.
  • Aspen.
  • Lima.
  • Vail.

Is January a good time to visit California?

Due to its mild temperatures and low crowds, January in California may be the best time to visit all year. However, prepare for cooler conditions and some rain, with brisk daytime temperatures around 50° or 60° degrees across California.

Can you swim in California in December?

While temperatures may be dropping around much of the country, the weather at California’s beaches remains relatively mild. In December, the southern part of the state features average highs in the mid-60s, and northern beach towns like Carmel-by-the-Sea usher in comfortable highs in the upper 50s.

Where should I vacation in December?

Hottest places to travel in December

  • Guadeloupe. Hottest Places to Travel in December: Guadeloupe.
  • Maldives. Hottest Places to Travel in December: Maldives.
  • Jamaica. Warm Places to Travel in December: Jamaica.
  • Tanzania. Warm Places to Travel in December: Tanzania.
  • Malta.
  • Cyprus.
  • Portugal.
  • Mexico.

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