Often asked: How To Cancel Bluegreen Vacation Contract?

What is the best way to get out of a Bluegreen timeshare?

The best way to cancel your Bluegreen timeshare is to sell it, and we can help:

  1. No Upfront Fees – our agents are paid only after a sale is closed.
  2. Licensed Agents – reliable, regulated and licensed by the states in which we operate.

Will Bluegreen take back timeshare?

How do I give my Bluegreen Timeshare back? This program provides a free service to allow existing Bluegreen Vacation Club owners to exit their ownership and surrender it back to Bluegreen directly!

How do I contact Bluegreen Vacations?

Owners may call us at (800) 456-2582 and Vacation Guests can reach us at (800) 845-1995.

How do I cancel my timeshare?

The Timeshare company may have given you a blank form for the purpose of ‘cooling off’ (canceling). If you have not been provided with a form, you can write to them and tell them you withdraw from the contract within the cooling off period.

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What happens if I walk away from my timeshare?

You can’t just walk away from a timeshare. If you don’t stay current on your maintenance fees or your loan payment, the timeshare company or timeshare association could report you to a collection agency and ding your credit score.

What is Bluegreen bonus time?

Bonus Time gives owners access to Bluegreen Vacations resorts for last-minute travel without having to use their Points. Bonus Time reservations may be booked 45 days or less in advance of arrival date, or 48 days if booked online.

Can I get out of my Bluegreen contract?

If you recently purchased a Bluegreen Vacations package, you have the legal right to exit your contract. A typical rescission period usually lasts 3-10 days, and sometimes it can extend up to one month.

Can I refuse to inherit a timeshare?

If you are either left a timeshare in a will or are the legal heir of someone who owned a timeshare and died without a will, you may choose to refuse to accept your inheritance. In legal terms, this is generally called “ renunciation of property.”

Can lawyers get you out of a timeshare?

A timeshare cancellation attorney will help you understand the fine print of your contract and support you in cancelling your timeshare within the rescission window. A timeshare exit attorney will help you approach getting out of your timeshare after the rescission window has passed.

Do Bluegreen points expire?

Point in case: Bluegreen owners can “save” points for a full year with the limitation of only being able to use them for lower seasons.

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How do I sell my Bluegreen membership?

To begin the process of selling your Bluegreen timeshare, please give one of our Bluegreen specialists a call at (877) 624-6889. You may also fill out the form on this page and a licensed agent will phone you to answer any questions you may have. Required.

Who owns Bluegreen?

Bluegreen Vacations Corporation is approximately 93% owned by Bluegreen Vacations Holding Corporation (NYSE: BVH) (OTCQX: BVHBB) (formerly BBX Capital Corporation), a Florida-based holding company.

What happens if you stop paying timeshare maintenance fees?

Deeded timeshares are a real estate property in which the buyer obtains a deed. Maintenance fees are part of the purchase contract. Failure to pay the maintenance fees results in the resort foreclosing on the property and selling it at auction to recover money owed. You may face a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure.

How much does it cost to cancel timeshare?

Typical timeshare cancellation costs around $4,000. This fee will go up or down depending on your situation, but you’re going to pay thousands of dollars to get out of a contract because it requires lawyers and experts familiar with the process.

Why is it hard to cancel timeshare?

Timeshares tend to be hard to sell or donate because of this lifetime commitment and because timeshare contracts often require the owners to pay lifetime maintenance and special assessment fees.

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