Often asked: What Is Rci Extra Vacation?

What is RCI vacation club?

Like most great companies, we started with an idea RCI stands for Resorts Condominiums International. They developed a system to allow timeshare owners to exchange a vacation at their home resort for a stay of the same duration at other resorts which had joined RCI’s exchange programme.

How do I book my RCI bonus week?

Bonus Week Getaways

  1. Step 1: Go to “Search For A Holiday” and select “Bonus Week Getaways” from the drop down menu.
  2. Step 2: Select the destinations that you may want to travel within the next 45 days, or select your most desirable travel date and see what are available.

Which is better RCI or Interval?

Interval had 5 times the availability, but RCI was 40% cheaper. On the other hand, if you’ve got schedule flexibility, then RCI has a much better price. If you have dual exchange affiliations like we do, it’s definitely worth doing some comparison shopping!

How do I get rid of my timeshare?

Say no, hang up and move on to one of the following solutions.

  1. Stop paying. Before you do this, take stock of your situation.
  2. Offer it on the resale market. You’ll get little or no money, except perhaps for a premium timeshare in a higher-end chain like Disney, Marriott or Hilton.
  3. Use a company to help you exit.
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How does RCI vacation work?

RCI Weeks membership offers timeshare owners at RCI-affiliated resorts the opportunity to deposit their owned week(s) into our Exchange Holiday programme – and book another of the same value (or more weeks away at resorts of a lesser value), for an exchange fee, regardless of the size of the property, location or

Can I join RCI without a timeshare?

I confirmed with RCI that anyone can have an RCI account even if you do not own a timeshare! There are many benefits to depositing a timeshare but having an RCI account will allow you access to RCI Extra Vacations. ‚ÄčIn order to Join RCI, the initial cost for a one year membership is $99.

Can I use my RCI points for airfare?

According to RCI, in order to access airfare, car rentals and hotel stays, you have to use your member login to access RCI Travel. RCI works with 300 airline partners to bring its members deals on flights so that members can exchange their points for airfare. Additionally, points may be used to discount flight costs.

How do I sell my vacation week?

Run an ad in the travel or real estate section of newspapers in the area where the timeshare is located. List the timeshare for sale on a consumer sales website, such as eBay or Craigslist. Use an online advertising site that specializes in timeshares, such as RedWeek or Timeshare Users Group.

Is there an alternative to RCI?

DAE (Dial an Exchange International) Dial an Exchange or DAE is the largest independently owned exchange company in the world. DAE offers resorts all over the world across Europe, Asia, and Africa. However unlike RCI and II, DAE is free to join and does not require any annual fees for use.

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What is the difference between RCI and Interval?

While they both use something similar to determine “trading power”, the material difference between Interval International and RCI is that RCI is vastly more restrictive in that there system uses a point system between approximately 1-35 where if you deposit a week that has exchange trading power of 10, you almost

What is RCI and II?

RCI (formerly Group RCI and, before that, Resort Condominiums International) is a timeshare exchange company with over 4,300 affiliated resorts in 110 countries. Founded in Indiana in 1974 by Jon and Christel DeHaan, RCI is one of the two main timeshare exchange businesses, along with Interval International (II).

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