Question: How Many People Vacation Every Year?

How many people took vacations in 2019?

Leisure Travel U.S. residents logged 1.9 billion person‐trips * for leisure purposes in 2019.

How many people vacation in the US every year?

TOP U.S. TOURISM STATISTICS: US Citizen domestic tourism: Americans take 2.29 Billion domestic trips each year. US Citizen outbound tourism: Americans take 93.0 Million international outbound trips each year. International Inbound Tourism: Annually, there are currently 79.6 Million international visitors to the US.

What age groups travel the most?

What age group travels the most? Millennials between 23-38 seem to be the age group that travels the most with an average of 35 vacation days a year.

How many people travel for pleasure?

U.S. domestic travel increased 1.7% in 2019 to a total of 2.3 billion person-trips. 1 Domestic leisure travel increased 1.9% in 2019 to 1.9 billion person-trips. 2 Leisure travel accounted for 80% of all U.S. domestic travel in 2019.

What gender travels the most?

What gender travels the most? As we learned above, women travel the most by quite a bit. Whether you look at solo travels or group travels, women are dominating the industry in terms of the number of travels.

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What ethnicity travels the most?

A new survey by business consulting firm Timetric has found that northern Europeans are the world’s biggest travellers, with four Nordic countries all in the top five. US travellers were also in the top five, but their travels were dominated by domestic trips.

What generation is traveling the most?

The results being broken down by age group, Millennials (18-34) were the most likely generation (with 19 percent of the vote) to cite travel as the activity they’re most eager to resume, just behind being able to ditch face masks (20 percent).

How much does the average person travel?

Data deep dive: As a whole, the majority of respondents travel for three to four days within the country. Of the men polled, the majority said they travel for five to seven days, but women answered that they only travel for an average of three to four days in the U.S.

What does the average American spend on vacation each year?

Other sources, Credit Donkey, suggest that Americans spend $1,145 per person for the average vacation. While the results of a Bankrate survey say that Americans plan to spend over $1,900 on their vacations. The Baby Boomer generation spends about $6,600 on vacations each year, on average.

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