Quick Answer: What To Pack For European Vacation?

What should I pack for 2 weeks in Europe?

Packing List for 2 Weeks in Europe

  • 7 tops (or five tops plus two dresses)
  • 3 bottoms.
  • 2 outerwear items you can layer.
  • 2-3 pairs of shoes.
  • 1 scarf.
  • 1 purse for daytime sightseeing.
  • 1 bathing suit (if relevant)
  • 1 set of jewelry.

What should I pack for a 10 day summer trip in Europe?


  • 2 or 3 short sleeved tops.
  • 1-2 long sleeved tops.
  • 2 tank tops (summer)
  • 1 dress.
  • 2 or 3 shorts/skirts (any length is fine)
  • 1-2 pairs of light trousers.
  • 1 swimsuit.
  • 2-3 pairs of socks – I wear Toms and sandals, so socks are just for preventing bug bites.

What should I pack for Europe summer?

Sweater – Pack at least 1 long sleeve sweater for chilly summer nights and air-conditioned places. Jacket – Bring a light jacket. Some parts of Europe (especially Northern Europe) might be cool in the summer even in the daytime. Comfortable walking shoes – A must for sightseeing.

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What men should pack for 2 weeks in Europe?

Packing List for Men 2 Weeks in Europe

  • 3 Oxford Shirts (Wrinkle Resistant)
  • 2 Trousers (1 pair of black slacks for dinner, 1 pair of walking trousers)
  • 3 T-Shirts (Light, Quick Drying)
  • Pajamas.
  • 3 Underwear.
  • 3 Socks.
  • Running/Workout/Lounging Trousers.
  • 1 Fleece Hoodie.

How many outfits do I need for a 2 week holiday?

It is best to have two pairs of bottoms (pants, shorts, or skirts) for each week that you’ll be staying. Plan on bringing four shirts per week, and two jackets to layer for warmth (if you’re traveling to a cool or cold destination). For a two-week trip, you need four bottoms and eight tops.

Can I wear sneakers in Europe?

Yes, You Can Wear Sneakers In Europe Without Looking Like A Tourist. We show you that you can wear sneakers while traveling through Europe.

What should you not wear in Europe?

6 Things You Should Not Wear in Europe

  • A Non-Ironic Fanny Pack. Are you a hip teenager with the confidence to ironically wear a designer fanny pack slung over your shoulder?
  • Head-to-Toe Sports Gear.
  • Hiking Clothes.
  • Flip Flops.
  • Regular Sneakers.
  • American-Only Branded Clothing.

What should I wear in Europe in summer 2020?

Choose light colored clothing to avoid scorching in the blaring heat. Cotton, linen, and rayon fabrics are best. For city sightseeing, dress comfortably with loose and light clothes. Skirts, capris, or (dressy) shorts are essential; a nice top or a dressy blouse and a hat will complete the look.

What should you not forget about a trip?

Common Things People Always Forget to Pack for Vacation

  1. Phone chargers. A person charges a phone.
  2. Toothpaste. A toothbrush with toothpaste | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images.
  3. Swimsuit. A suitcase with clothes | LeszekCzerwonka/iStock/Getty Images.
  4. Laundry bag.
  5. First aid kit.
  6. Sunscreen.
  7. Lip balm.
  8. Umbrella.
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How do I not look like a tourist in Europe?

What to Wear in Europe: 10 ways to dress more with European Style when in Europe

  1. Wear clean-cut conservative clothes.
  2. Go Neutral.
  3. Bring comfortable walking shoes.
  4. Do Europeans Wear Shorts?
  5. Leave the baseball cap behind.
  6. Accessorize with scarves.
  7. Leave the bling behind.
  8. Avoid U.S. logos and go slogan-free.

How much clothes do I need for a 3 week trip?

Clothing. The pieces you choose depend on the climate of your destination and the activities you’re going to do there. As a basic guideline, plan to bring three or four bottoms and four or five tops for a week-long trip. A mix of jeans, shorts and khaki or black pants will be appropriate for many vacations.

How do I pack for 30 days in Europe?

Europe Travel Packing List

  1. 1 dress/elegant shirt.
  2. 1 cardigan/sweater.
  3. 1 lightweight jacket.
  4. 1 pair of dark wash jeans.
  5. 1 pair of trousers/capris.
  6. 1 pair of shorts.
  7. 1 pair of long underwear/wool leggings.
  8. 1 pair of tennis shoes.

What should you not wear in Paris?

To avoid standing out as a tourist on the Parisian streets, avoid items like original UGG boots, clunky tennis shoes, flip flops, and sweatpants. Paris clothes look presentable at all times; your goal is to maintain a comfortable look, while exuding femininity and edge.

What do I need to know before traveling to Europe?

10 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to Europe

  • Call Your Credit Card Company.
  • A Rail Pass Can Save You Money.
  • Make Reservations in Advance.
  • Don’t Over-Plan.
  • Don’t Avoid the Cliché Sites and Activities.
  • Don’t Only Visit the Popular Spots.
  • Pack Light.
  • Be Prepared to Go Over Budget.

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