Readers ask: How To Plan A Vacation To California?

What is the best month to go to California?

The best time to visit California is in the spring during April and in the fall from September to October. During those months, the crowds are tolerable, and it’s the best time for outdoor activities as the temperatures are usually pleasant and not too hot.

How many days do you need to visit California?

The most popular travel itineraries in California fall into 2 categories. Obviously one does not exclude the other. It depends on the time available and the type of attractions you prefer to see. To fully enjoy both, you will need at least 15 or 20 days.

How do I plan a 7 day trip to California?

California Road Trip Itinerary – 7 Days along PCH!

  1. Itinerary Overview.
  2. Day 1: Fly into San Francisco.
  3. Day 2: San Francisco.
  4. Day 3: Drive to Monterey (2 hours)
  5. Day 4: Big Sur – Cambria (2 hours – full day)
  6. Day 5: Day trip to Paso Robles (45 minutes)
  7. Day 6: Cambria to Los Angeles (4 hours)
  8. Day 7: Explore Los Angeles.
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How can I spend my two weeks in California?

So on to our recommendations for a perfect two week road trip in California…

  1. Days 1-3 – Start with three nights in the beautiful ‘City by the Bay’ – San Francisco.
  2. Day 4 – To Monterey!
  3. Day 5 – Monterey to Yosemite National Park.
  4. Day 6 – Yosemite National Park.
  5. Day 7 – Yosemite National Park to Death Valley.

How can I go to California on a budget?

15 Budget-Friendly Ways To See California

  1. Rent a property near the theme parks.
  2. Buy Combo Passes for theme parks and attractions.
  3. Look out for Kids Eat Free offers.
  4. Buy an America the Beautiful Pass.
  5. Use one museum membership to access many others.
  6. Stay outside the big cities and travel in.

Can you swim in California in April?

Swimming in California in april is cold (in the best case scenario) In april in California swimming conditions vary by city. Details below: Swimming in april in Los Angeles, San Diego, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, Hollywood, San Clemente, Carlsbad, Chula Vista and Huntington Beach is possible with a wetsuit!

How far is Yosemite from San Francisco?

Yosemite National Park is approximately 167 miles east of San Francisco. Depending on how you choose to get there, travel time will take an average of 3 ½ – 4 ½ hours.

How can I see all of California in a week?

One Week in California Itinerary

  1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
  2. See San Francisco Bay.
  3. Ride the cable car.
  4. See the views at Twin Peaks.
  5. Visit Alcatraz.
  6. Relax at Golden Gate Park.
  7. Visit Fisherman’s Wharf.
  8. See the sea lions at Pier 39.
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How can I spend 3 days in LA?


  • Stroll on the Santa Monica Beach and Pier (free)
  • Walk (bike, or rollerblade) to Venice Beach (free)
  • Drive to Malibu (free)
  • Visit the Griffith Observatory (free!)
  • Walk the Sunset Strip (free!)
  • Visit the Chinese Theater (free!)
  • Tour the Dolby Theater.
  • Walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame (free!)

How do people spend a week in LA?

How to Make the Best 7 Days in Los Angeles Itinerary, Ever

  1. Day 1: Start your trip with coffee and canals.
  2. Day 2: Enjoy a day at the beach.
  3. Day 3: Visit the Santa Monica Pier.
  4. Day 4: Discover the magic of Hollywood.
  5. Day 5: Marvel at a museum.
  6. Day 6: Explore the Joshua Tree National Park.
  7. Day 7: End your trip in style.

What can you do in 10 days in California?

A 10-Day California Road Trip & National Park Itinerary

  1. Day 1: Explore San Francisco.
  2. Day 2: San Francisco to Yosemite National Park.
  3. Day 3: Yosemite to Sequoias National Park.
  4. Day 4: Sequoias to Death Valley National Park.
  5. Day 5: Death Valley to Joshua Tree National Park.
  6. Day 6: Joshua Tree to Los Angeles.

How much money do you need for two weeks in California?

A vacation to California for one week usually costs around $1,378 for one person. So, a trip to California for two people costs around $2,757 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs $5,513 in California.

Where should I go on a road trip in California?

The 16 best California road trips

  • Pacific Coast Highway. Our top pick for classic California dreamin’ snakes along the Pacific coast for more than 1000 miles.
  • Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway.
  • Route 66.
  • Gold Country and California Highway 49.
  • Avenue of the Giants.
  • Trinity Scenic Byways.
  • The Mission Trail.
  • Napa Valley.
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How much does a California road trip cost?

The average daily budget for a California road trip is between $75-$150 – this includes gas, a rental car, lodging, food, drink, and entry into certain attractions. Make note of this number but please do not let it discourage you – we’re going to show how to reduce it to a more budget-friendly amount soon.

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