Readers ask: What To Do On Vacation In Boston?

Is Boston worth visiting?

Boston is one of the most historic cities in the United States. The location of the Boston Tea Party, the USS Constitution, the Old State House, and the Paul Revere House are just some of the places you’ll visit on this two- to three-hour self-guided or guided tour. History isn’t just a footnote; it’s a way of life.

Is there anything to do in Boston?

Here are a few of the more popular things you can do and locations you can visit with a discount pass:

  • New England Aquarium.
  • Skywalk Observatory.
  • Hop-on-Hop-off Bus Tour.
  • Boston Duck Tour.
  • Six Flags New England.
  • Boston Children’s Museum.
  • Whale Watching.
  • Franklin Park Zoo.

What should I do in Boston for a week?

See our favorites below.

  • Fenway Park Tour.
  • Boston Red Sox Game.
  • Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.
  • Swan Boats of Boston.
  • Freedom Trail Walking Tour.
  • Boston Public Library.
  • Boston Children’s Museum.
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What activities are open in Boston?

You can visit the Franklin Park or Stoneham Zoo with advance reservations.

  • Bay State Cruise: Provincetown Ferry.
  • Boston by Little Feet.
  • Boston Children’s Museum Launches Summer Camp.
  • Boston Common Visitor Center – Now Open.
  • Boston Harbor City Cruises: Historic Sightseeing Cruise.
  • Boston Harbor City Cruises: Whale Watch.

Where should you not stay in Boston?

Boston is a very safe city for the most part, but like any other city, there are some neighborhoods worth avoiding. I recommend new visitors to Boston avoid Mattapan, Roxbury, Hyde Park, and some parts of Dorchester like Savin Hill as well as most of East Somerville and the northwest part of Charlestown.

How many days do I need in Boston?

So how many days do you need to visit Boston? Most people visit for three to four days, and I think that’s a perfect amount of time. As someone who’s lived there, I can say that, since Boston is so small, you won’t waste a lot of time “in transit,” so you can pack a lot into your days.

What food is Boston known for?

8 Signature Boston Dishes You Need To Try

  • Clam Chowder. Settlers introduced clam chowder to New England in the early 18th century | © Aaron Bastin / Alamy Stock Photo.
  • Lobster Rolls.
  • Cannolis.
  • Baked Beans.
  • Fish and Chips.
  • Boston Cream Pie.
  • Oysters.
  • Fenway Frank.

What should I eat in Boston?

10 classic Boston dishes, and 5 places to find each one

  • Boston baked beans. Boston baked beans from State Street Provisions.
  • Boston cream pie. Boston cream pie at Parker’s Restaurant in the Omni Parker House hotel.
  • Cannoli.
  • Clam chowder.
  • Frappes.
  • Lobster mac ‘n cheese.
  • Lobster roll.
  • Roast beef sandwich.
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What is Boston famous for?

Boston is best known for its famous baked beans, Fenway Park, The Boston Marathon, and of course for the bar from Cheers, but dig a little deeper below the surface and you’ll find a surprising wealth of things that make Boston one of the best cities in America—and the world.

Where should I stay in Boston for the first time?

Back Bay/Copley or Downtown are the best and most convenient neighborhoods for first-time visitors to stay in.

What is the best way to get around Boston?

The best way to get around in Boston is by walking. And when your itinerary takes you out of the city center, the second best mode is the efficient “T” subway system, which includes subways, trains and trolleys along five separate lines.

Is 2 days enough in Boston?

Two days in Boston is not a lot of time but you will certainly be able to get a flavour of the place, even if you may not be able to linger too long at any of its major attractions. You can always return a second and third time.

Where should tourists stay in Boston?

The 7 Best Neighborhoods in Boston for Tourists

  1. Downtown. Downtown is Boston’s business district, but it’s also tourist central, thanks to the many attractions along the Freedom Trail and fronting the Boston Harbor.
  2. North End and Waterfront.
  3. Beacon Hill.
  4. Seaport District.
  5. Back Bay.
  6. South End.
  7. West End.
  8. Cambridge.

Is Boston Safe?

Boston sees 655 violent crimes per 100,000, making the city less safe than 83 percent of US cities. The violent crime rate in Boston is nearly double the national violent crime rate. People in Boston have a 1 out of 153 chance of becoming a victim of crime, compared to a 1 in 296 in the state of Massachusetts.

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What to do in Boston when it’s raining?

Indoor Sports & Culture for Rainy Days in Boston

  • Spend a Day in a Museum.
  • Save on Entrance Fees.
  • Explore the World of Science.
  • Special Exhibits.
  • Permanent Exhibits.
  • Watch a Game or Concert at TD Garden.
  • See a Show in the Theater District.
  • Laugh at a Comedy Act.

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