Readers ask: Who Was The Girl Who Played Ruby Sue In Christmas Vacation?

What happened to the girl who played Ruby Sue in Christmas Vacation?

Well, these days, Latzen, now 40, is enjoying life right here in Metro Detroit. Latzen is not from the area, but recently moved to Michigan for work and her relationship. After her 1987 role as Ellen Gallagher in “Fatal Attraction,” Latzen’s career started to take off.

Who played Ruby Sue?

Ellen Latzen: Ruby Sue Quotes (2)

Who played Ruby Rose in Christmas Vacation?

But one actress you probably haven’t seen in awhile is Ellen Latzen, the little girl who played Ruby Sue. You know, Cousin Eddie and Catherine’s foul-mouthed, frizzy-haired, adorable daughter who had lost her faith in Santa Clause.

What is Ellen Latzen doing now?

Today, Ellen is living in Los Angeles and producing a podcast about her experiences as a child star, as well as those of her peers.

Does Ruby Sue wear a wig Christmas vacation?

12. Ruby Sue, the Griswolds’ adorable niece, was played by Ellen Hamilton Latzen. She was fitted for a wig to wear throughout the movie, because producers didn’t think her short, pixie hairstyle fit her character. 13.

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Who has died from Christmas vacation?

Though they’ve all passed away since National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation hit theaters in December 1989, Hickey (who was 69 when he died in 1997), Questel (who died in 1998 at age 89), Randolph (who was 88 when he died in 2004), and Marshall (who died in 1998 at age 84) all had prolific careers before their quotable

Why is Clark Griswold called Sparky?

In the DVD commentary for this movie, Chevy Chase said that the nickname was Beverly D’Angelo’s idea, and she still affectionately calls him Sparky. In an interview, Chevy Chase said that after this film was released, he got dozens of letters from people who had visited London and ended up trapped in a roundabout.

Who is Cousin Eddie’s daughter?

Jane Krakowski as Cousin Vicki Warner Bros. Krakowski was up to no good as Cousin Eddie’s trashy daughter, Cousin Vicki.

How is Clark Griswold related to Eddie?

10 In the original “Vacation” movie, Cousin Eddie gave Clark Griswold, the lovable but bumbling father of the Griswold family, played by Chevy Chase, a gift when the Griswolds left Eddie’s house.

Who is the hot sales girl in Christmas Vacation?

Nicolette Scorsese is best know for playing the super sexy bikini babe in “A Christmas Vacation.” Guess what she looks like now!

Is Aunt Bethany still alive?

Aunt Bethany was Mae’s last role. She passed away in 1998 at 89 years old. 4

How old is Scorsese?

And we could be forgiven for assuming that the pregnancy was fake, considering the extreme lengths to which Alex went to insert herself into Dan’s life. However, it seems pretty clear from the text of the film that the pregnancy is 100% real, and for proof you need look no further than Madame Butterfly.

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Is Glenn Close married?

74 years (August 24, 1947)

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