What To Take On Vacation To Jamaica?

What should I pack for a trip to Jamaica?

12 Essential travel items to bring to Jamaica

  • Valid passport. Photo credit: Dmytro Surkov/Shutterstock.com.
  • Plane ticket(s)/boarding pass.
  • Contact number and address of your accommodation.
  • Health / Life insurance cards.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Travel insurance for Jamaica.
  • Cash and credit cards.
  • A blue or black ink pen.

What can you not bring to Jamaica?

When leaving Jamaica, certain goods have restrictions or are forbidden from being carried out of the country. Forbidden items include illegal drugs, knives and deadly weapons, local currency, counterfeit currency and goods and pornographic or offensive material.

How much cash should I bring to Jamaica?

There are no restrictions on the import or export of local or foreign currency. However, amounts exceeding US$10,000 or equivalent must be declared.

What should I wear to Jamaica?

What to Wear in Jamaica

  • Go for comfort over style.
  • Casual clothes in lightweight natural fabrics (cotton, silk and linen) will work best – it is warm and sunny but not unbearably hot all year round.
  • However the nights tend to be a little cooler so a sweater or wrap is worth popping in your case.
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Is it safe to drink tap water in Jamaica?

Mostly, tap water in Jamaica is safe to drink, but in more remote areas you may want to avoid drinking water straight out of the tap, unless it has been boiled, filtered or otherwise treated. Good to know: tap water at the Beaches and Sandals resorts in Jamaica is filtered by the resort.

How much money should I bring on an all inclusive vacation?

Generally speaking, USD is preferred, so just bring a stack of ones with you for meals, drinks, and housekeeping. I find that bringing $100-$200 for a week is usually plenty.

Why you should not go to Jamaica?

Jamaica also has a bad reputation when it comes to crime, however. There are gangs trafficking drugs across the country, and – especially in certain parts of its cities – violence and gun crime are rife. Tourists aren’t exempt: petty theft and robberies aren’t rare. 5

Is Jamaica Safe 2020?

Do not travel to Jamaica due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Jamaica due to crime. Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory.

Can you wear camouflage in Jamaica?

The Parliament in Jamaica has passed a law banning all camouflage clothing except for uniforms worn by the police. They don’t want civilians mistake for police officers. So if you are going to the Caribbean, you are wise to leave the camo at home.

Is US money worth a lot in Jamaica?

US dollars are widely accepted on the island but you will pretty much always pay more than if you paid in Jamaican dollars. The exchange rate while we were in Jamaica was about ~J$117 to US$1. 6.

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Do cell phones work in Jamaica?

Major US mobile service operators, such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, are known to work reasonably well in Jamaica.

What language is spoken in Jamaica?

Although English is the official language of Jamaica, the majority of the population speak Jamaican Patois. This is a creole language (See the lesson on creole on this web site) made up of an English superstrate and African substrate.

How much money do I need in Montego Bay?

How much money will you need for your trip to Montego Bay? You should plan to spend around J$25,150 ($168) per day on your vacation in Montego Bay, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors.

Can I bring snacks to Jamaica?

You cannot bring fresh foods, juice, meat, fruit etc into a foreign country. Yes it is on the immigration form and might even be on the customs forms as well (or visa versa).

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