Where To Vacation In Rhode Island?

What is the prettiest place in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island in Pictures: 17 Beautiful Places to Photograph

  1. Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport. Castle Hill Lighthouse.
  2. The Breakers, Newport. The Breakers.
  3. The Cliff Walk, Newport. The Cliff Walk.
  4. The Elms, Newport. The Elms.
  5. Rosecliff, Newport.
  6. Beavertail State Park, Jamestown.
  7. Benefit Street, Providence.
  8. Downtown Providence.

What is the best month to visit Rhode Island?

The best time to visit Providence is between June and August and from September to November. Summer can be an expensive time to visit, with the year’s highest hotel rates and lots of crowds. But the comfortable temperatures and full event calendar make it difficult to resist.

Does Rhode Island have nice beaches?

It should come as no secret that Rhode Island has some of the best beaches in the USA — it is nicknamed the Ocean State, after all! With more than 40 miles of stunning coastline, the state (which is actually not an island, by the way!) is absolutely filled with salt water gems.

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What food is Rhode Island famous for?

Famous Rhode Island Foods

  • Rhode Island-Style Calamari. If you thought fried calamari was already addictive, you haven’t tried it Rhode Island-style.
  • Clam Cakes.
  • Stuffies.
  • Rhode Island Clam Chowder.
  • Hot Wieners.
  • Coffee Milk.
  • Pizza Strips.
  • Johnnycakes.

Is Rhode Island Scenic?

Rhode Island scenic drives are gorgeous for fall foliage or year-round. Find directions for gorgeous scenic drives along coastline and through woods and forests, for year round and especially for fall foliage season. Be sure to visit Rhode Island’s scenic drives, foliage drives, scenic highways, National Scenic Byways.

Is Providence RI expensive to visit?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Providence is $1,941 for a solo traveler, $3,486 for a couple, and $6,535 for a family of 4.

How many days do you need in Newport RI?

I’d recommend at least two days for visiting the historic Newport, including a relaxing drive by the ocean. over a year ago. If you are pressed for time, you could see just one or two mansions. I would recommend The Breakers ( as the crowd favorite) the Marble House ( as the most over the top) and the Elms.

Is Providence RI worth visiting?

Most tourists find themselves in Providence, Rhode Island on the way to somewhere else. However, this little city is absolutely worth a visit of its own. Contributor Lilit Marcus looks at what’s great on and off campus. Rhode Island, known affectionately to the locals as “Lil’ Rhodey,” is America’s smallest state.

Who is the richest person in the state of Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has just one billionaire on the list: Jonathan Nelson, the CEO of Providence Equity Partners. Forbes estimates his net worth is $2 billion, or enough to buy about 181 million orders of one dozen clamcakes from Iggy’s.

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What is great about Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has a brilliant coast full of amazing beaches! 2. Living in a state with such delicious local frozen lemonade is more important than you might realize. Hot wieners are a staple food and Rhode Islanders love them.

Can you swim in the ocean in Rhode Island?

Beaches in Rhode Island are a huge draw for ocean lovers looking for a place to spend endless hours sea-side. In Newport County, there are 13 beaches including the popular Mackerel Cove, Gooseberry Beach, South Shore Beach, Second Beach, Easton’s Beach, and King Park Beach.

Are there sandy beaches in Rhode Island?

This beach is one of the most photographed in Rhode Island. There are long stretches of white sandy shore from the east coast at Old Harbor to Clay Head. The Frederick J. Benson Pavilion – known as the ‘Town Beach’ – is situated at the heart of Crescent Beach.

What beach has the best waves in Rhode Island?

Best Beaches in Rhode Island for Waves

  • Misquamicut State Beach.
  • Matunuck.
  • Point Judith.
  • Point Judith North.
  • Narragansett.
  • Scarborough State Beach.
  • Monahan’s – Narragansett.
  • Second Beach.

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